Hello and welcome lonely internet user to this corner of the world wide web.

This is the home page of the semi-famous ‘Cooked Cat Productions’ where no real cats have been harmed in the making of this website.

If you’re looking for anything stop motion, live action, CGI, aerial photography or practically anything else involving a camera, a crew and vision, you’ve found the right place.

But why Cooked Cats?  Because if it was Cooked Chickens you’d only get two drumsticks, Cooked Dogs sounds a bit Asian and Cooked Frogs is like why would you unless you’re French – with Cooked Cats, well there’s a lot more to chew on so to speak.

Obviously you want someone with vision, humour, and a small bank balance so they’ll be grateful of the work they’re given, and will specially look after you because through you, they can eat this week. You’ll be number one; a valued customer and patron of our livelihood, now it doesn’t get much better or benevolent than that!

Below is a link to a few Wedding videos I have done over the years, one of them even being my own. So, Go on, be nosy.

I made this video so you could watch it, so, Please do.


An Episode in a Series that needs a few more Episodes.