Here is a work in progress page where I not only dive (all be it a slightly shallower dive then normal) a little into some behind the scenes on projects of the Epic Review variety, but also needless explain my reasons for making them and give you a list so you can find ’em all.

What is a Epic review?

I animate a review of a lego set or two with only the lego there in, or perhaps with a cheat brick or two… normally a base plate.

Why do an Epic Review?

I realised I wanted to do it when I grew envious of the very large Lego collections of other ‘brickfilmers’ (people who make Stop motion videos using mostly lego). I thought, you know what? you dont need tones of Lego, just creativity and a vision.

Is there a List of Epic Reviews?

Yes. See Below.

Epic Review 8_1
Battle Above Kesh
Battle on Takodana 3
Currently Unfinished