Now, I dont know if you have tried it, but i find it is a little problematic to animate in the rain… outside… for many reasons, the whole getting hypothermia and the camera dying due to the copious water covering its very sole, being two of them.  This is a real shame of course, because it is a beautiful effect. so, lets learn to make this without either dying, or having to buy a new camera.


Here, we have 3 basic layers of Rain. First one I will talk about, and also the first one to do chronology, hence, the necessity of doing it in PRODUCTION, is actually spraying the water onto our set. like so:

Demo Video

Doing so every frame add’s a very nice effect, do it after you have moved the figures and objects you are planning to move.

1Now that that simple, but awesome looking step is done, we move into the POST PRODUCTION side of things. using our editor, mine being Hitfilm Ultimate 2 for this effect, we scoot over to the effects panel.

Scroll down to ‘Presets’ then to ‘3D effects’ then we grab rain. Place this as the top layer in our composite shot.

Now, we want to a line the rain, so it is hitting the ground on about a 90º angle.  this will give the best effect, remember to use key frames while doing so.

And there you have it, It should be a very lovely, easy to do effect that looks as gorgeous as a.. something Gorgeous…

Cooked Cat.